Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The AIP in depth

My First Blog was kind of lengthy because it provides a background for Why the AIP was created; now I am going to explain in detail What the AIP is all about.

The American Imperial Party is all for one thing in particular-Unity.

America as the melting pot of the world is a great thing honestly, but we as a people have become TOO diversified. We don’t even know who our neighbors are. We don’t believe in the best way to make our country great. In essence- we are too different now from each other.

The AIP helps us get back on track- a strong belief in our American ideals that made us great in the first place. I believe we have become too tolerant and liberal over many issues. Americans so afraid of being labeled a racist or a bigot they can’t say anything anymore. Our Youth run around acting like a bunch of spoiled brats instead of learning how to be men. Our society has become weak and corrupted- The AIP will set us in line.

First of all, as I said in a previous blog we aren’t politically correct. Political nonsense is what made America weak, so were doing away with all of it. The AIP DOES NOT APPEASE OR TRY TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. Its here to tell you the God honest truth whether you like it or not.
Government- the AIP is allotting different from the current form of government. Capitalism is the economic force within the Empire. Utilities such as Water are free; however you must pay for Electricity.

Structure for the Govt:

-Imperial Council, and or, Emperor, oversee and rule all
-Imperial Military Quorum
-Imperial Civilian Council (Represents all sectors within the Empire)

2 bodies of Justice:

The Imperial Sanction (laws against the Empire, such as treason, Terrorism, etc.)
Civilian Judicial Order (laws within sectors)

The Civilian Sectors may differ in size and population, but all are considered equal to each other. Each Sector contributes something the other cannot, so may between sectors is not only impractical, but makes every sector valuable. All Sectors have the same law so confusion is not apparent, and Unity is strengthened.
Because the Govt recognizes it cannot fully control their people in fear of uprising, rights are given to all the populations such as speech, however 1 thing are outlawed:

1) Disrespect of Officials (if wrongdoing not proven)

Every child enrolls in "Basic Knowledge" from ages 5-14. By that time, they have developed skills within a specific subject. Whatever they excel that, they are placed in what’s called "Equivalency Majority" to determine if they are in fact well versed, and would like, to learn more about the subject they are good in. After a period of 2 months, each child joins in the Advanced Profession Education (APE), where every child until they reach the age of 20, studying the subject [which will become their profession]. They can leave at an earlier age, because the APE is separated into 3 tiers:

1) Precursor Knowledge Course (They cannot leave this course until they finish)
2) Intermediate Profession Knowledge Course
3) Career Knowledgement Course

After completing this, every young person takes the "Career Intelligence Acqium", where every young person is for 3 weeks, subjected to their profession alone in the workplace, and evaluated. Once they successfully completed it, they are inducted into their profession. If they fail, they may take the "Re-evaluation Profession Course", which re-educates them their profession within 2 months. They do this only twice, and if they fail again in the CIA, then they are labeled "Un-acquiescent Student", and they may choose their fallback profession (one which they take along with their primary Profession Course) and go through the CIA through their secondary Profession. They cannot fail the CIA the one time. If they do, they are labeled "Inability to Address Profession" (IAP) and are expelled from the Education program for 2 years for re-evaluation of their careers.

They may go to a "Rapid Profession Course", where for 6 months to a year learn a subject, and become Knowledgeable enough to enter the CIA.
There are currently 2.1 million prisoners in the US, around 7 million more in bonds, bail, house arrest, etc. Each prisoner costs a total of over $24,000, $4,000 in Maricopa County, but then again they do things old school.

I want all of you to add that all up. Just 2.1 million TIMES 24,000.

Answer: $50,400,000,000

... < [response the first time]


For those of you who are ignorant of the American Legal system, the appeals system for Death Penalty Prisoners takes 12-15 years. It takes that long, sometimes even 30 years, for a man to be sentenced to death. With our DNA analysis, we can set framed prisoners free, and keep murders in jail. The problem with our country isn’t that we have the death penalty, it’s we don’t have enough of REAL scumbags that should die.

The AIP believes Child Molesters/Pedophiles, Rapists, Murders, and Drug kingpins should be executed- But not with lethal Injection.
Death Penalty

Drugs used Lethal Injection costs the government $86.08. The Appeals system is what makes the death sentence so long. Plus it takes 10-20 minutes to kill a man, and there's evidence pointing to drugs that actually silence the persons screams as they die. Well i got a cheaper, merciful answer for that- Cyanide.

For 3 pills, it costs about $10, and its relatively quick. If there is trace amounts of pain involved- I say WHO CARES? These people ARE SCUM, and shouldn’t be allowed to be treated like decent human beings. In the AIP- Child Molesters/Pedophiles, Rapists, Murders, and Drug kingpins are subhuman parasites that must be eradicated.

In cases of murder, there are times where Self defense is used- this isn’t punishable by death at all.

Prison- Prison Guards have the right to defend themselves and show order within the installation. Criminals spit on guards and guards are not supposed to do anything? LOL pathetic.
Culture- We is a collective society. We all work for the common good. Individuals can work and achieve in society, but generally we prefer groups. WHY? Because it’s more efficient. 2 heads better than 1.

Hip Hop has ruined America. Before it was all about escaping a sorry life in the ghetto. Now they idolize it and sexually exploit women [even though they ask for it]. Youth nowadays have no idea what it is like to be real men, or act like it. Our culture prides itself on liberalism and allowing kids to do whatever they want. Well guess what America- your stupidity is now making an entire generation run amok. Crime is increasing and Parents too scared to be real parents, so they try to be their friends. This is what happens when you don’t spank your kids.

Government shouldn’t be allowed to tell you discipline is illegal. That’s WRONG! Look what’s happening now? I guarantee you most of the kids acting dumb today would be doing the opposite if mommy or daddy gave them a whack or two. How’s about males be REAL MEN and stop running away from your girlfriend or wife when she gets pregnant. WOMEN- stop acting like whores and start acting like LADIES with decency.

More blogs to come.

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