Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Change? How about a NEW Party?

America- Symbol of freedom and justice for all right? WRONG!

We all have been spoon-fed since we were kids that America is the greatest country in the world with the best of everything because were so wealthy. And its true- to an extent. This country is great, BUT IT CAN BE BETTER.

When actually thinking about what the Founding Fathers reasons for making our current form of government, its pretty clear why they made it up: Product of Experimentation.

See at the time of the 18th century, the colonies were under control of the British Monarchy. After suffering unjust taxes without representation and even blatant executions, the colonists fought back. In order to declare independence from the crown, the Founding Fathers had to establish what they believed would be the best form of government- this would be created after the revolutionary war with the creation of the U.S. Constitution. Members of the 2nd continental congress then had the bright idea:

Lets make a hybrid of two governments- a Republic, and a Democracy.
[Not in so many words].

Now you may ask: Why a Republic and a Democracy?

Answer: Because the founding fathers believed Greece's-democracy, coupled with the Roman Republic's form of government would not only represent the people, but also establish a non-monarchy [what we would call nowadays fascist] where 1 man may rule over all.

If you examine the origins of American Politics, they had plenty of different political parties- literally dozens. For example you had federalists, whigs, liberty party, the toleration party, etc etc. Now in 2009- Were down to two : Democratic and Republican Party.

Lets think about this:
England has a population of over 50 million and they have many parties, such as the Conservatives party, Labour party, the UKIP, the Liberal Democrats, BNP, etc.

Italy has a population little over 60 million, and they have dozens of parties, such as the
Silvio BERLUSCONI coalition: People of Freedom, Lega Nord, MpA, etc.

Germany has a pop. of over 82 million, and they have the
Alliance '90/Greens, Christian Democratic Union, CSU, Free Democratic Party, the Die Linke, etc.

-Dont get me started with France-

All these nations have a population less than America, and they have more major political parties. America has what..OVER 300 MILLION AND WE ONLY HAVE 2 MAJOR PARTIES?


I am for new parties that can actually deliver REAL growth to our country, and Im all for this New Party - The American Imperial Party.

Now I know what your gonna say "IMPERIAL? WHAT THE HELL? THATS YOUR PARTY?"

some might say "Your an idiot Danny. American Imperialism has been spreading since the 70's, and has managed to slaughter and kill blah blah blah blah blah"

others might say "Imperialism breeds fascism and Totalitarinism, not is not conducive to American Liberty"

All i can say is this for those who think American Imperialism has been around since the 70's- You dont know jack shit about anything. Thats so called "Democracy" at work.

Those that say it breeds fascism- Not always. Not unless you keep it to Foreign Relations not not try to control the People.

e AIP to me would be like federalism- a small, but strong form of government. To me, Imperialism represents strength and endurance. Empires been around alot longer than any other form of government. Imperalism encompasses Nationalism- strong pride and fervor for one's country, Republic- the people elect others to handle political matters, and many other things.

The AIP is not like other political parties- its not politically correct, and does not appease to any

Fundamentalist groups. It does whatever it can to protect and strengthen American lives, not foreigners or illegals.

The AIP is more of a cultural change, if anything. It Believes that a collective society, not an individual one, can prosper better. Case in point: Japan. If you ever been there, they believe that a group can succeed better than just 1 person. It is practiced in virtually every single part of the world isnt it? "Class get into groups"?

Japanese economy prospers better than ours because everyone works together for the common good. Crime rates their are also incredibly minimal, despite the fact alot of violent cartoons are shown to children. Its fascinating isnt it? We Americans pride ourselves on such glamour and intelligence but we miss the basics of making a nation better.

Im gonna make more Blogs in the future detailing and outlining that of the AIP- hope you read it.


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